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The quilt is more than just a stylish fabric, but it is meant to represent Renard. The quilt is essentially Renard himself, it’s what he represents as a person, the journey that life has taken him on, and most importantly what he held most valuable in life whether that be a personality trait, a representation of the culture and legacy he grew up with, or simply what he enjoyed most in his life. The quilt was created in great detail just this past year and it was made by his brother. His brother wanted didn’t want to think that Renard was gone so he brought him back with this quilt. He made this quilt so that Renard’s legacy will never be forgotten and he lives a embodiment of life’s wonderful adventure.

Now the color on this quilt are very vibrant and color, red, yellow, and orange are the primary colors that envelope the quilt. All these colors can represent vitality, it can be said the even though that Renard has past he still lives through this piece of art. The design of this work of art is certainly unique, a shield is incrusted with five images.  Usually a shield is meant to protect and defend from harm but the medieval design of the quilt would suggest something different. Back in those times the shield emblem represented what country, clan, region, or group one hailed from. In other words it was a storyboard of the soldier, what kind of culture they lived in, the language that they spoke, the moral they had, and so on. What makes this design so significant to the overall meaning of the this quilt is that everything that we see on it, is showing us Rernard’s story and what kind of person he was.

The way that the quilt is structured holds a great importance as well. What makes those images within the shield so important that they would be bigger and independently showcased as they are? My assumption is that these are the most importantly qualities of Renard, what he most identified with. I’m sure the patches on the outside of the emblem hold their own significance but seeing as how shield emblem represented the individual the most it can be concluded that the shield patches hold a higher importance to Renard. Also if you cut the quilt in half from top to bottom the two sides almost mirror each other. This could be a deeper representation of stages to Renards life, the left side where his birthday is (March 1955) could mean is early life experiences from toddler to young adult and the right side where his day of passing is (March 1994) can represent his late stages in life. Most are the same such as the birds on the top corners but little changes are there. For example, the colors of the koi fish on the top have changed from red to blue. This could be a testament to how he might have hot headed or intemperate in his youth representing red and then more cool and level headed in adulthood as shown by the blue koi. The same could be apply to the cardinal birds in the middle edges of the shield. The cardinal flying on the left might tell that Renard was excited about life and wanted fly and explore the world while the resting cardinal on the flower might be that Renard is ready to settle down.

As mentioned before it was his brother that made the quilt and I think there could have been no other person to create the embodiment of Renard better than his own blood. Brothers hold a very special bond in a person’s life; they grow up together, live with each other through childhood, and guide each other through life’s struggles. A brother always has your back and in turn you always have theirs. A brother is your best rival to push each other and compete, as a result they grow and even stronger bond. I don’t know  exactly the kind of closeness these two brothers had but it was certainly close enough for him to spend so much thought and effort to make a quilt that embodies Renard’s personality so elaborately.

This quilt is, in a literal sense, just a memorial to someone who died by tragic disease but the story and feelings behind it represent life. Renard might have passed but this quilt is a testament to the adventure he has lived. He did not let a disease be an excuse to not live out life’s most important adventure, finding your true self. In our minds we sea adventure as a great journey to explore the world but when its all said and done those will only live and die has memories, its the legacy that you embodied that will live on forever. Just like Renards, who will live forever in the legacy he has lived.

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  1. Can you really claim that “the quilt is essentially Renard himself” when he did not create it? Isn’t the quilt, by default, an interpretation of what Renard meant to others? Is that the same thing? What does it mean, then, to have “a legacy”? Is there a connection between “legacy” and “culture” and “art”?

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