The Haltman text and thoughts

The Haltman reading has really been a eye opener for me and shown me about the little details that I have been missing that could have made my writing in the past more effective and significant. In school from kindergarden to 12th grade we were taught to only think about the details and context and then analyze them, but Haltman reading shows the middle ground in between them. As a writer i have been limiting myself because I never thought of connecting detail so fluently as Haltman describes. Letting emotions, context, research guide me through my ideas would have allowed me to further my augments and points to make my writing more significant. Also as a student I tend to rush through everything, right when I get the assignment I never stop to consider all the possibilities instead I just have one singular idea and don’t try to change that. I rushed into the work before I could let it age and as a result the wine of my paper didn’t taste as sweet as it could have been.

As for connecting this with my names project it definitely gives more insight to what I should before rushing into a block. Just because a block means one thing to me doesn’t mean it will mean the same to my fellow classmates or the person that created the block. I must insight and research all the boundaries to what object could mean before I jump into analyzing it. The best course of action is for me to have an array of concepts and ideas on a several different blocks and research and find connections with each of them. Time and patients is what I will need to make my analysis more fruitful and significant to a reader. As well as taking into account the moral or social value of the block as well. These blocks are on the subject of aids which in American culture is deeply rooted and into many hearts and minds. People see and deal with issues like these in many ways as I saw in at the Names project HQ, thousands and thousands of blocks that could mean so many things. The Haltman reading will give me a better way of approaching a block and think more broadly about it instead of jumping the gun. Especially that I am encourage to spend the whole semester observing and thinking about which block I would want to use and how I would want to analyze it.

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