The Daily Works part 2

What is a primary source?

-“original source” “first hand” “data authors generate themselves”


Secondary sources?

-Reporting someone’s point of vids about data already generated

-Depends on way the source is used.


Objective Description?

-Details and specifics


Subjective Description?

-Personal nature of experience, memories, analogies, judgements, conclusions, analyses, imagined connections, etc


Rate Schedule Sign and Driggers

-objective description: It looks like the lady has dark eyebrow and eye makeup on, hair has every dark roots with lighter longer blonde strands in a pony tail. The woman’s head is turned, slightly to the right. Her eyes appear narrowed, fixed on a point behind her. Her mouth is drawn straight.

.make sure to not make conclusions or assumptions about the photo in objective description. Just describe what is shown in the picture.


-Subjective: It seems as though the picture is on the parallel basis of the need of social reforms and changes movement that has been a huge part of modern Americans’ lives for the past 50 years. The sign in the back say “This is not a burger king” with a picture an oddly shaped animal possibly a goat or a horse. This can be in reference to the stereotype that big fast food chains like burger king are so cheap and synthetic that it can’t be considered to be food and saying this restaurant is quality. Or it could be referring to the vegan and/or vegetarian movement that’s been popular for past couple of years. It could be stating that this restaurant is not animal killers and is healthy for the soul and mind. The menu has several options such as “answers” for $1 and “correct answers” for $4. This can be referring to that in todays modern life that nothing is given that everything has a price, that the average person has so many question and he or she must pay for those answer and pay even more for the right ones.


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