The Archival Method

No nobody can know every single thing in the world, even some of the greatest minds in the history of the world needed proper source information to get from one research topic to another. By asking questions about the source it allows the readers to analyze each point of source instead of just simply reading over them. By analyzing each point it will help move the train of thought to further research materials. Each question that a reader might ask about a source chances are that someone else has asked it as well, because of this metadata can be a useful for marking source with events, hashtags, categories, or groups . Having metadata in a source allows the reader to allocate what type of source to research next, or at least in what category to try to research. What metadata is most useful for is connecting secondary and primary sources, every secondary source comes from a primary and many primary sources will have secondary sources through many media and news outlets. Also when names from sources pop up meta data will help pin point a more specific data that will help in researching. The real importance of archiving, asking questions, and metadata is the multitude of connections it makes to get from one document to another. In my research experience it asking question to specifically analyze certain points of my sources really helped me find more documents and articles that were more suited for my quilt.

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