The adventures of Renard

Relation to Renard

The inverted pink triangle for many years has been a simple to the LGBT and the struggle they have been through. Originally just a pink triangle, the symbol was used to identify homosexuals in Nazi controlled prison camps. Later that same simple (just inverted) would be a hope and beacon to the anyone who has been affected with HIV/AIDS. The movement would be to send a message of “Silence=Death”, that if nothing is done then people will surely continue to suffer and die

The source connects with my personal quilt by showing the passion that the inverted pink triangle represents. In a way it honors those who came before and those who have struggled but in more deeper sense it imagines a world that could have been or has still yet to come. A world that Renard did not live long enough to see it become a reality.




The Valkyrie helmet is iconic symbol of the opera, often the tradition go to outfit for opera performances. The Norse Viking helmet is often associated with the opera through it many appearances on stage all throughout Europe and popular opera theaters in America like the New York opera.

Renard was a big fan of the opera, a description by his brother who made the quilt said he was an “opera aficionado” and it is one of the main columns that makes up his personality shield. It a bit ironic, the art that he loved so much has dying by the same disease that was slowly killing him. It’s almost poetic two lovers dying by the same disease, even though it isn’t between two people, the love that Renard has for the opera was certainly there.





The most iconic form of roses in America today would be the annual Rose Parade in California. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) announced that in the 128th Rose Parade that they will be honoring the victims of the Orlando night club shooting happened earlier this year. The night club was a big advent supporter of the LGBT community and they feel that it is only right to build a float in their honor.

Renard absolutely loved roses, they were actually his favorite type of flower and especially the Rose Parade. Even though he was not alive to see it, I’m sure that it would have made him proud to see such tremendous support from a organization that stood for the ideals he believed them.



The boy scouts have become almost a tradition in America, from a young age young boys are taught to explore and adventure out to the great outdoors. They have made an image of scout hood among their ranks but in this past few years they have come into controversy because of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Renard himself was a boy scout, and I’m sure for him it must have been quite the adventure and experience to have.  His brother must have found his scout hood as important character trait to put it as one of Renard’s defining personality traits.



The Fleur de Lis or otherwise known as the saint’s symbol. A symbol representing French heritage, it is an iconic with the old medieval days of the French Empire. France today is a very unique country in Europe, their social values and morals are different from the rest of Europe.

This relates to my quilt because Benard is from a French heritage and from the set up of his quilt seems to be one of his main personality traits, as he put the Fleur de lis symbol a column of shield while his other blood mixes (Irish and Scottish) were put smaller near the bottom. He must have really embraced that he was French for that to become one of his defining personality traits.





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  1. Useful page! I think if you include an introduction here you’ll be able to let your readers know what this page does, to what, and why. Are these all of the images/symbols on the quilt panel? etc…

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