Quoted research

Boneh and Jaganaths’ brings up an interesting point to the audience “The democratic nature of such live performances not only allows audiences to participate in the design of the specific messages but also establishes an interactive relationship between deliverer and receiver and lays the foundation for taking ownership of the problem (3)”. Beyond contemporary performance being a median for activism and awareness this passage suggest that these live performances go beyond just the political and public image but also hits the psychological aspect of the problem as well. Boneh and Jaganaths’ claims brings about how contemporary dance can truly help those effected with HIV/AIDS on a personal level. Most subcultures and movements help problems on a broad and nation wide scale and don’t focus too much on the personal level of help it can give people. But through this research it provides evidence that the contemporary dance culture and community has been immensely involved in both the public and personal scale of my argument.

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