Cosmos Crayon/ the daily works 1/30/2018

It seems as though in North England near Flixton archaeologist and his team found a “crayon-like object”, mainly made of  hematite and chalk like mineral. Suspected to be over 10,000 years old this present a interesting idea of what humans were capable of long ago. Further analysis of the strange rock shows that it was unlikely naturally formed.

Now the Cosmos crayons is interesting in more ways than many might see. The article implies that literacy could have existed long ago or in the very least communicated in some form through symbols or pictures. Evidence of early form of communication, especially one old as 10,000 years old present a wide range of culture of an entire unknown society. And the article also mentions another finding of a similar object, which show evidence of this form a communication or writing to be wide range not just limited to a single village or tribe but maybe an entire city. But on the other hand the article kind of blows this all of proportion, the article is trying to make a inch look like a mile. There is minimal evidence to support his claims and he almost seems like “click baiting” readers into a story that in the grand scheme of things isn’t all that developed.

Some questions that the article inspires for me is….

Can I just go in my backyard dig up a rock and call that archaeology?

Is this all this takes to make a significant archaeological find, minimal evidence with a few loose clues that could maybe uncover something from the unknown past?

How significant is this discovery will let be milestone in human history?


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