Primary Source Description


This post is regards of furthering my research and analysis of HIV/AIDS culture using “Renard’s”panel from the Names Project. Through this post I will be describing the features of the panel in hopes to have a better comprehension of the culture and themes this quilt is trying to portray.


Some things About the Quilt

The quilt itself is a 6×3 foot linen fiber based on a red thread. The quilt is part of a larger panel number 5959 that has 12×12 foot dimensions. The quilt consist of multiple patch that have been sewn on, there is a large yellow shield that cover most of the quilt with patched embroidered on both inside and outside of it. There are a multitude of colors on the quilt but the primary color scheme is red and yellow.










On the upper top layer of the quilt on both sides has an embedded patch of a blue  swallow bird on each side of the quilt amassed inside of a layer of light blue and and outer layer of orange. The birds are positioned in a diagonal motion towards the south west and the south east. The tips of the wings and tails on each bird is patched with green feathers all the up to the edge of the body and has a red color on the chin of the bird. The beaks are colored dark blue like the rest of its body and has a light blue lining running horizontally across its body.


Pineapple and the Pink Triangle

On upper middle of the quilt there is a bedazzled patch of yellow golden pineapple on top of upside down purple triangle with a stitched picture of an angel and in the center a small gem. The pineapple has a rich sparkling gold color with a green stem coming out from the top of it. The fruit sits on top an upside pink triangle with an stitched images of an angels with a dark blue gem as its center piece.



On both sides of pineapple there is a cod fish. To the left is a red cod with blue eyes outlined by a layer of blue. To the right is blue cod with blue eyes outlined by a layer of red. The fish are both direct towards the pineapple. They both have switched on detailed outlines that form their bodies and designs.


The Shield

The center piece of the quilt is a massive yellow shield that covers more than 4 feet of the overall 6 feet length of the quilt and almost completely covers the 3 feet of width only leaving a couple of inches in between the margins. The center is incrusted with a green chem the size of a quarter and black line immersed in white veins  covered with gems of various colors (orange, white, blue, red, green, and blue). The shield is positioned upright in a vertical stance.


The cardinal birds

On the middle edges of each side of the shield there is a patch of a red Cardinal bird with a purple background. On the left it is just a cardinal bird but on the right side it show the cardinal bird resting on top a flower outlined in white over the purple back background with a green stem. The one of the left is taking flight and spreading its wing wide while the one on the left is resting carefully of the stem of a red rose.

The fox

The upper left hand corner of the shield shows the head of a purple fox with dark blue crystal eyes. The fox is positioned up right vertically and has indented lines to emphasize its face and ears.

The purple flamed torch

The right upper hand corner of the shield is dark brass colored torch lit with a purple flame. The torch is positioned vertically and has an embroidered design from its tip to its bass. The flame itself is hovering over the torch and has a dark colored purple flame with three points along the top of it.

Viking helmet

The lower left hand corner of the shield shows a silver viking helmet with brass colored wing on the side, yellow tassel hanging down helmets edges on both side and thunder bolt sign in the middle of the helmet. The helmet is positioned vertically and the brass wings have a similar design to the embroidering on the purple flamed torch. The golden tassels have a silver blue stitching along the middle of it and goes from the tip to the bass on the string. At the end of the tassels are fluffy clothes balls.


Roses and Saints

The lower right hand corner shows two different images on the bottom and top of the shield space.  The upper space is a saints symbol with a metal piece of a dog-like creature on top of it held with chains. The emblem is vertically positioned and the creature is upside down and the emblem is encrusted with a gold line around it. On the bottom shows a purple rose like flower with its stems and thorns poking out. of the flower itself. The roses are dark purple like the colors of the flame on the torch and the stems are a blue green color with the thorns sticking out have the same color has the rest of the stem and leaves.


Names and flowers

Along the bottom length of the shield there is the name “Renard” in the center of the length. On both sides of the name there is a orange patch with purple flower incrusted into it with a green curvy stem and leaves. Just outside the flower patch to the left is the date “March 4, 1955” and to the right of the right flower patch is the date “March 24, 1994.”




Under the name banner  are three incrusted star constellations: To the left is Orion, in middle is the big and little dipper, and to the right is Pisces.


Cranes, moons, flowers, and more

Under the constellations is a row of more patch aligned in a straight line: the left most patch is a yellow flower and to the right of that is a green shamrock followed by a leftward facing crescent moon with a patch of a crane inside resting on a branch. In the middle shows planet Earth with a giant Wave incrusted to the left of planet and the continents shown to the right. The right side follows as: a rightward facing crescent moon with a crane inside resting on a branch, a dark silver coin that says the “united states of America” and “five cents”, followed by another yellow flower.