Primary Source description: the adventure continues


The entire quilt is 3 ft x 6 ft with several patched on photos and stitches on every corner of the panel. The large center piece of the picture is a photo of a middle ages man with a thin handle bar mustache and scruffy face. Medium length black hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a white shirt and with a tan brown jacket.

Underneath the picture of the man is the name “GLENN S. FOX”. Underneath that are the years “1954-1990”.

To the left of the years is a black seal with white eyes with the name “Cindy” on the bottom neck of the seal.

To the right of the years is a small  steams boat with a white, red, and blue colored steam pipe on the top of it. It the words “New Jersey” along the bottom of it.

On the left side of the picture of the man are three patches from top to bottom. On top is a patch of a white doves with gold outlines with the words “Grandma” engraved along the wing of it. The next time patch is a compilation of a gold cross a top of a red heart with the words “My love… My Life… My friend”. It also as a small pair of two gold rings on the bottom right hand of the heart.  On the bottom of that a patch of a gold teddy bear with brown paws, it as the words “Winnie” engraved across its tummy and a heart on its left side.

The next column over from top to bottom is a patch of the Eiffel Tower with the name “GREG” along the bottom of it. On the bottom of the tower is a black spotted padded stool with red legs with the letter “W” next to it.

The next column over to the right is a black poster path with a white pearl necklace as the center piece. “it had the words special, uncle, love ya, Tina Marie” On the bottom of that is a blue poster patch of two clouds and rainbows. With the words “special” and “friend” on the clouds and the words “with love, Serena” next to the rainbow. Underneath the rainbow is a pink patch with black dancing shoes and white Ribbons running across. The has the phrase “Foxy Feet” on the top left hand corner of it and “Love, Carol” on the bottom right hand corner, also the phrase “I’d rather be dancing” along the bottom of it. Next to the pink show patch with multi color palm tree island with purple, pink, green, red colors flowing all over it.

On the right of the picture of the man flies several more larger pictures of more patches. The first column to the right is a yellow poster with the phrase “PLAYBILL” along the top of it. With the iconic drama mask face as its center piece. On the bottom it writes “FOX Theater; BRUCE + ROSE”. Bellow that is a red heart with several layers of white and red patterns around it. On the patch is writes “mom, dad; we love you”.

The next column over is a red poster the big bolded words “The Hershey” with the blue waves and a fish riding them. Below that is a patch of the sky with clouds, a pillar, and a yellow airplane with red stripes. The airplane says the words “DEE AIR”.  Below that patch is a blue patch with a light teal blue and a light purple bear side by side each other. The blue bear has the letter “G” in purple and the purple bear has the letter “A” in blue. On the bottom is a red patch with a white outline around with shoe laces coming out of it. Inside the patch it writes “in my thoughts and in my dreams always”.

The panel was made by a number of it people that came together to leave their mark on Glenn S. Fox . On almost every patch there was a name on it with some kind of image representation to their remembrance of Glenn. The creators of the quilt all knew Glenn in a very personal way, they left what they loved about him and they mess most about him.