Funding for AIDS

Put your money where your heart is

As much as changing public opinion and activism has to the fight against AIDS fund were still needed to keep the fight going. Many dance and theater studios shared what they could in order to help the AIDS community to keep fighting against AIDS. Broadway cares, one of the leading contributor to AIDS, mission state is “To mobilize the unique abilities within the entertainment industry to mitigate the suffering of individuals affected by HIV/AID”. With official Forum 990, provided by, has given over $12 million to the AIDS organization in the past 2 years and over $195 million since 1988. Another contributor is the C.B dance studio, who brought in dancers and choreographers from more than 10 studios in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut formed together to perform a show for AIDS support. The show has hosted by C.B studios and run by the Dancers Responding to AIDS organization and since its founding in 1991 they have helped fund AIDS social service organization in all 50 states in the U.S. This show is done every year and in 2016 made upwards of $30,000 for the AIDS organization. The Sir Elton John, a famous musician and performer, started the Elton John AIDS foundation in 1992 in New York. On their official website,, states their priorities as “WELLNESS:  Services and advocacy to improve the health of people living with HIV or at risk or otherwise affected by HIV, RIGHTS:  Education and advocacy to uphold the rights of people living with and affected by HIV, QUALITY OF LIFE:  Support services, community organizing, and advocacy to address the social and economic needs of people living with and affected by HIV, and RESILIENCE:  Capacity-building to strengthen the skills and strategies of organizations and activists addressing HIV”. The foundation gives approximately $7 to $9 millions annually and over $400 million since its founding and host a gala every year to get more donation to AIDS. All these organization big or small made it their mission and responsibility to help AIDS victims and the greater AIDS community. All of these foundations are also non-profit, so their intentions are clear and from no small part from them the AIDS movement is strong and continues to fight on today.

(The Elton John AIDS foundation annual gala for AIDS funding and awareness)
(Broadway cares foundation logo)