Conventions of the Books & Blogs genre

Book conventions:

-Grey, black, and white colors

-Font: block, sterile, official

-editors/authors more than one

-lots of spacing

-publisher at the bottom

-Title (Top) and Subtitle (bottom)

-Notes page at the end

-Work cited list of sources

-page header along with chapter name and authors name


-no pictures

-indented for list and quotes

-different italicized fonts



Blog conventions:

-brighter colors

-curvy more aesthetic fonts

-illustrated picture cover

-relatable posts

-social media implications

-relatable pictures

-publish date

-video media

-subscription and advertisement

-author precenses


-constantly updated

-post, pages, menues


-opportunity to read on

-links are rhetorical

-different fonts in title, subtitle, and main body paragraph

One thought on “Conventions of the Books & Blogs genre

  1. Nice details. Perhaps having whole categories dedicated to “conventions” “blogs” and “multimodality” will encourage you to write about these concepts more broadly in future posts.

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