The Machete Effect

It seems as though we as society can never truly learn to view things in a practical manner. By seeing objects in a practical view takes away the interesting aspect of it in turn making it dull. American culture being what it is, does not interest itself in dull matters; it has to pop and be interesting in all matters of the topic. This is the main reason why main media television broadcast typically like to report more sad or horrific new because it would bring in higher ratings.  All these are factors to what I like to call “the machete effect”, from John Cline’s “What is a machete anyway?” it talks about how the machete used to be seen as a tool for farming and landscaping but over time as culture developed it became a symbol of terror and fear.

(The Atlantic, published Oct 21, 2013)

Historically it was shaped into the weapon as revolts and revolution from pheasants and slaves.

( stock photo of Honduras)

Nowadays through entertainment media such as action and horror movies to portray as weapon. But why does a machete have such an imposing image of weapons and fear for a simple farm tool? How is it any different to a crowbar or screw driver that can equally be used as weapons? It’s not but through popular culture and media it became easily subject-able to any form that society would give it.

(20th Century Fox) .   (GTA 5, Rock Star games)

As for my writing is concerned this analysis of the machete effect will give me proper insight to my quilt analysis and essay.  For one polarities are extremely important when it come to any analysis of an object. Even though certain object can seem to have one concrete concept in reality it has a significant weighing concept with several insignificant ideas along with them. This Prown ideal will allow me to grab a more broadened horizon when it comes to analyzing data, relics, and primary sources. Through this it will make me write a more representative piece instead of just having such a provincial view on my topics and writing.

Then using a more personalized emotional connection to allow the reader to better comprehend the ideas I had in mind.  By doing creating a personalized message to the audience it will act as a median from my work to reader and my ideas will come off more clear and concrete. Cline this is fantastically bringing in both a dark sided ton of slavery and pheasant revolt as well as bringing his own personal background into it. He wrote an intellectual piece but manages to bring out a pathos style of writing to persuade us of topic and ideas.  I could adapt my own background into the writing itself, heavy topics of immigration, racism, stereotypes, and social class devision run deep in my roots and these are popular subjects that many can relate to.

The hardest part of this analysis was trying to properly connect Haltman and Prown’s text to the notes. Seeing the connection were easy enough but to put those into concrete and crisp ideas and then to imply Haltman’s post with it was quite the challenge. Also there was a certain way that Cline wanted the reader to think so there was a certain point of view required in order to correctly analyze the text. None the less the reading did provide me with better insight to make my writing more effective with the reader.




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