HIV/Aids is one of the most controversial, yet one of the most widely talked about diseases world wide. To say the least it has been the bane of the modern world affecting over 36 million today and killing approximately 35 million in the past. But despite all of that people have managed to live such meaningful lives that from it. As society we all try to influence each other especially when life’s problems come knocking. It can be so easy to just feel pity for ourselves and give up it takes true passion and spirit to make something bigger of it. The dancing community ever since is the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s has done its part to help, influence, and inspire the victims of HIV/AIDS. Everything from music shows and performance to bring awareness for the diseaseĀ  to fund raising and charities for AIDS relief. Even contemporary dance was revolutionized to help reach out to the community and embody the struggle of people infected with HIV/AIDS. But Above all they sought to help in best way they knew how and they will forever be remembered for it.

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